Vulnerability management does not need to be a nightmare.

Privacy senstive information leaking websites, poorly configured routers, insecurely developed web applications, services that are outsourced without insight on how they are managed and potential security vulnerabilities? all these elements can have a profound effect on unauthorized persons gaining access to your infrastructure, (web) applications and data. Your company reputation can suffer seriously or incur even financial damages.

How can your organization achieve an acceptable level of security without negatively effect the core business processes? Vulnerability management can, as an integral part of the information security process help you obtain an acceptable level of managing your vulnerabilities. Do you want to find out more about vulnerability management? Please contact us.

What are the risks?

The loss of portal media devices carrying sensitive information, defacements of websites, databases that have leaked information to unauthorized parties, theft of laptops and smartphones that carry a meriade of sensitive data, large scale virus infections and employees that leave the company accompanied by propriatary data. Organizations are confronted with these incidents on a daily basis and the media loves it. But these incidents are ot limited to the above managed examples. Incidents can without the knowledge of the person involved and are not always caused by ill intent. Examples such as virusscanners that are not updated or cause systems to crash, software patches that have not been tested properly,  can cause problems as well.

The incidents mentioned above are examples of regularly occuring instances with many organizations. You trust that your organization has taken precautions to prevent such incidents occuring. But are certain that this is really the case?

When was the last time a security audit or vulnerability assessment was performed? And what were the results? Have these findings been resolved? Are you sure?

Does your organization have a Computer Emergency Response Team that can jump to the ocassion when an incident has occured?

Risk are increasing, cutting down on security budgets usually cost more in the long run.

Each year the risk of security incidents to businesses increase. Cyber crime, industrial espionage, disgruntled employees, to name a few, can have an effect on your businesses image, how clients, financial and business partners persieve your organization.

Think Secure can assist your organization with their expertise and experience in the field of information security.We can provide your organization with security awareness programs supported by courses. But we also provide independent advice on product solutions and for instance we can execute ethical hacking sessions and vulnerability assessments on both internal and external network segments before "others" do it for you with possible negative implications.

Don't wait with taking active measures to prevent security related incidents. A security assessment is a good first step in the right decission, be aware, become secure.

Security starts with awareness

Becoming aware of how the current security status in your organization is and how you can make it more secure for the future and keeping it that way is the ultimate goal, without negatively influening your core business processes.

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